Lesley and Phil

Downtown Champaign Engagement | Champaign, Illinois

Downtown Champaign Engagement| Champaign, Illinois

Back at the beginning of the year, I had the opportunity to capture engagement photos for my best friend, Lesley, and her guy, Phil. We spent the afternoon hanging out in downtown Champaign, Illinois. We ran around, laughed and cracked countless jokes.

Lesley has been a good friend of mine for around 5 years. We met working at Champaign Surplus. On her first day, I thought she was a customer and asked her if she needed any help. It was just a little embarrassing. Since then Lesley and I have spent many hours talking about life and supporting each other through the shitty times. We have gone on countless adventures, hikes, and camping trips. We’ve spent endless hours thrifting and laughing our butts off. We have laughed, cried and grown together.

Lesley and Phil

When Lesley first told our friend group about Phil we were stoked that Lesley had met someone she liked and someone who seemed like a quality person. Well, a hot second passed after hearing about Phil and there was still no sign of this “Phil guy”. We all jokingly came to the conclusion that he didn’t exist.. until the night when we found out that Phil was a real, living, human being. To make it better he was not only REAL but he was also perfect for Lesley.

Over the next few years, we had the opportunity to see Phil and Lesley’s relationship grow. We were able to watch as Phil made Lesley crack up and smile constantly. We got to see them move in together and progress through life together. When they got engaged my friends and I were excited, to say the least.

The Engagement Session

Lesley and I planned an engagement session in Downtown Chamapign. I wanted the session to be full of fun photos but also have some more tender moments. I wanted to really show off how much fun these two had together while also capturing the more intimate and private side of their relationship. We started off with some mid-day booze at The Blind Pig and then went to the local aesthetic allyway. After we went down to the Art Theater and the parking garage nearby.  During the whole thing, Phil and Lesley would make each other burst out laughing. Phil was sarcastic as all heck, which made the session fun for me because I thrive on sarcastic banter.

This was my first session where I utilized some more fun and active prompts. We had a blast and I really love the end result.

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