Meet Kelsey

Hey there! I'm Kelsey Greene and I'm so excited you're here with me. I'm the cat mom to one fluffy little lady, named Maya. More often than not I cry when I laugh and when emperor penguins walk, they remind me of grumpy middle aged men on their way to an office job (and sometimes that makes me happy cry too). I love hiking and camping. Hearing the sound of wind as it travels through the tree tops. The way the forest canopy plays with light. The little details. Traveling to new places. Capturing genuine moments.

My Philosophy

I’ve been photographing for about 5 years. Three years ago I interned for a wedding photographer where I was able to experience the beauty of wedding photography and learned how to capture a wedding day through a documentary approach. I fell in love with the versatility weddings offered and how easy it was to document the day in an organic and genuine way. 2018 is my third wedding season, over the last three years, I’ve learned a lot about what works for me and fuels my creativity. With that being said I am not the photographer for everyone and that’s okay! I’m not one for the traditional, or the pinterest board poses. I appreciate people who are willing to venture through nature, get a little dirty, embrace a rainy wedding day, and trust in my creative vision.

I have a soft spot for the little details, thoughts, and unique elements couples incorporate into their day to show off their style and personality. I have a passion for capturing the genuine and raw interactions between people and put a strong emphasis on those moments. I love to create lasting relationships with my couples and aspire to foster environments where people feel comfortable and free to be vulnerable. I like to play music that will get you moving and feeling good and use simple poses or cues that will be comfortable. I want to inspire genuine, fun, and intimate moments, get your dress dirty hiking up a mountain, run through fields, and create beautiful things. If that’s something you connect with I would love the opportunity to be there on your big day!

The Nitty Gritty


Capturing your day in a unique and genuine way is an investment , one that will allow you to look back on creative and high quality photos of your day for the rest of your lives! I have a variety of packages and a la carte options to ensure you get exactly what you're looking for!